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GLAM - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer ASU members

Are you LGBTIQ and an ASU member?

If you're not an ASU member but identify as LGBTIQ then you should read on. If you are a supporter of ASU members who identify as LGBTIQ then you should read on, too.

GLAM is the official caucus of the ASU for LGBTIQ members.

GLAM members are in every state and territory and in each Branch of the ASU. Some Branches have identified LGBTIQ contacts for the Branch and others have groups of LGBTIQ members who meet regularly.




We have a Facebook Group called "GLAMchat" where members can exchange information and informally discuss issues relevant in the LGBTIQ community. The Group is "secret" to protect the privacy of members.

ASU members can request to join GLAMchat by using the email link below. We'll verify your membership with your Branch to ensure all those joining GLAMchat are bona fide ASU members.

Click here to send us a request to join GLAMchat.

If you are experiencing harassment and/or discrimination based on your sexual or gender orientation you should get assistance right away.

As a union member, your first port of call is your local delegate or shop steward. However, you may not feel comfortable speaking with a colleague about the problem, in which case you can always call your ASU Branch direct. Again, you can speak to the organiser responsible for your workplace or ask to speak with the GLAM contact.

Over the years the ASU has taken a strong stand in favour of same sex marriage because the Union sees this as a simple matter of equality under the law. In 2008, 2011 and 2015, the ASU National Executive has passed resolutions calling for marriage equality. You can read more about it here: Marriage equality is just simply equality.

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) is a strong advocate for the rights of HIV/AIDS affected workers and is also working very hard at education for all workers across the many faces of the transport industry.

The information is important for all workers who are either affected by or have a commitment to enhancing the rights of workers who may be affected by HIV/AIDS.

ITF HIV/AIDS campaign page