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dnata puts out – “slash and burn” eba for employee vote – the ASU says Vote NO.

22 September 2017 By ASU

As we predicted in the newsletter to members on the 8th of September 2017 – “dnata takes a slash and burn position”, dnata has now decided to go to an employee ballot with an inferior eba without agreement from the ASU.

From around the 26th September you be will be asked by dnata to vote YES to a weak eba which disadvantages ALL employees. The ASU says, vote NO.

The A and B scale – Two classes employees – Both Disadvantaged

At the eba meeting on the 20th September, the ASU did manage to negotiate a 7.5% wage increase over the next 3 years, but according to dnata this will not apply to new employees. New employees will be placed on the B scale with less terms and conditions and lesser wages. This will mean, that new employees will be cheaper and will be greatly used by dnata to the disadvantage of current employees, who are placed on a lesser A scale.

The ASU has from the start opposed dnata’s A and B scale where current employees retain only some of their conditions and wages, but new employees on the B scale are on worse conditions and wages. This is not only unfair, but it is to the disadvantage of both current and new employees.

This is dnata’s attempt to introduce the AHSA model into your eba as well having it outside of your eba

Dnata’s “slash and burn” approach to eba negotiating

The ASU further opposes the proposed dnata eba because it removes or heavily modifies many existing eba clauses. Right from the start of the negotiations dnata presented us with an extreme draft of the eba where approximately 80% of the current eba clauses were either removed, altered, or significantly watered down. While we have managed through tough negotiations to re-install some good clauses, the draft eba dnata wants you to vote YES to is still a long way away from being a good eba. Thus the ASU says vote NO and force dnata back to the bargaining table.

Comparing the current Sydney Pax eba and the proposed dnata eba

The following is the ASU’s analysis of the current Sydney Pax eba and the proposed dnata eba.

1. Clauses removed by dnata from the current eba include:

Clause 6.1 – Existing leave entitlements;

Clause 6.10 – Australian Defence Force Reserve Services Leave;

Clause 12 – Occupational Health and Safety;

Clause 15 – Union Inductions;

Clause 16 – Paid Union Meeting

2. Clauses in dnata proposed eba that have watered down or changed existing clauses or have ignored the ASU Log of Claims to the disadvantage of ALL employees include:

  • Introducing a number of different clauses which create A and B scale employees, including paying B scale
  • employees less and thus creating a pool of cheap labour.
  • Part Time employees – refusing to increase minimum hours from 20 to 25 hours.
  • Casuals - deleting the ability to become permanent after 6 months service.
  • Supplementary Labour – watering down current protection.
  • Higher Duty Allowance – watering down the current clause restricting access to HDA and using HDA to avoid filling permanent positions.
  • Superannuation – refusing to increase the employer contribution
  • and refusing to pay super when employees on parental leave.
  • Domestic Violence leave – refusing to agree to PAID Domestic Violence leave.
  • Redundancy – slashing redundancy benefits for new employees.
  • Union Matters – refusing to include current clauses that give rights to the ASU and its delegates.


As you can see from the above, a combination of an A and B scale which dis-advantages ALL employees and the removal or watering down of many current eba clause results in a weak and inferior eba. The ASU wants to keep bargaining to improve still the proposed dnata eba and you can assist this by voting NO.

The ASU will provide further information to members soon.

Most importantly, JOIN YOUR UNION.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions about the proposed Agreement please contact your local ASU organiser or delegate: (download the full bulletin below for details)

icon Dnata Bulletin, 22 September 2017

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