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It’s all happening! Jetstar Quarterly meeting update

15 April 2013 By ASU

ASU Jetstar delegates attended the ASU regular meeting with management on 3rd April 2013 in Melbourne.

What was on the agenda?

We raised and discussed the following issues with Jetstar management:


Issue – once again we raised the issue of uniforms, in particular the poor quality of the "new" uniforms and the failure to supply wet weather gear of a suitable quality.

Response – the company doesn't believe individuals should get their own gumboots or wet weather gear at all ports. The company believes they consulted properly about the uniforms and were going to consider their position. Subsequently the company has issued newsletters about what they are doing including a survey.

Our response – The ASU delegates determined to do our own uniform survey to make sure all the issues and problems raised with the uniforms are dealt with. Our survey is available on paper and online. Please respond by May 16 2013.


Issue – We raised rostering irregularities that had been occurring for full timers being rostered more than 152 hours in a 4 week period contrary to the EBA.

Response – Management will look at this, also advised that rostering project has commenced looking at centralising rostering and planning. Already company has noticed there are lots of part time employees working full time hours, so looking at ratios.


Issue – Meal breaks are not being rostered in some locations at proper times.

Response – Company will look at this and come back.

Payroll – review updates

We also scheduled an update session about how the company's payroll review that was announced in September 2012 was going.

It appears lots of work has been taking place, and has involved not just a review of the payroll system but also a review of every ASU agreement covered staff member's payroll records back to 2005. That includes all past staff as well.

To say the least that is a mammoth task. The results are not in yet and are a few weeks away but the company believes the complete review will highlight a range of errors and problems that have occurred.

We will get a further briefing when all the information is in, in a few weeks' time.

Will payroll be offshored again?

The company still will not guarantee that our payroll information will not go overseas, in fact the company says there are not "definitive plans" to offshore payroll and your personal details. We take this to mean there are plans but they are not finalised.

We are still gathering signatures for our petition opposing the offshoring of payroll and your personal data. We have many hundreds of signatures but we can always do with more so if you have not signed the petition do so immediately and send it back to us.

What's next?

We await the company's response to our issues and the next payroll briefing and we will report back when we get more information.

Need more information

If you have any queries please contact your local ASU delegate or organiser. icon Download The Jetstar Bulletin - jetstar-bulletin130415-048.pdf

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400