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“You are not working hard enough at QBT”

26 February 2013 By ASU

That is what JTG representatives told ASU delegates and officials who met with representatives from Jetset Travelworld Group and Qantas by teleconference on Monday 25th February 2013 to discuss the "productivity reporting" scheme, unimaginatively called "Who Did What" that JTG want to introduce for JTG services and Qantas employees at QBT.

"You are not working hard enough"..... that's right that's what was said, and in the next breathe JTG says they are designing a "bonus system" to reward QBT staff, one has to wonder when you start from the position that people aren't working hard enough, who exactly will get a bonus... our guess is no one if JTG has anything to do with it.

What else did JTG say?

JTG freely admits that they have not "fully" designed the system yet, they have not determined the minimum standard to be met, not disclosed what if any bonus is available and not really taken into account the different clients QBT has and how that might affect performance. Apparently they haven't taken into account when people work either e.g. mornings or shift work or the booking habits of the clients.

Despite this the architects of the "Who Did What" scheme can confidently say that if it takes a long time to do an international quote regularly then it will take a shorter time for other quotes regularly too and it will all average out in the end.... And of course people aren't working hard enough!

JTG don't want to take any blame for their system limitations or the fact that the managers are losing clients – they just want a punitive system to be in place designed not to reward but to punish hard working loyal QBT staff who work day in, day out for their clients.

Name and shame must stop

We told JTG that trying to "name and shame" by circulating the week by week results is not acceptable particularly when it is clear that JTG management don't really understand what staff do.

We have asked the company to stop doing this.

We need more detail & consultation

We have told both JTG and Qantas that our EBAs require better consultation than we are receiving on this proposed scheme. We have demanded a face to face meeting to better understand what is being proposed and so we consult more with members.

We should not stand for the implementation of a system which is designed to see QBT staff fail – we deserve better than that and our clients deserve better than that.

What's next?

If you want full details of the meeting talk to your local delegate/organiser, in the meantime it is time to send JTG a clear message that we want to be dealt with fairly and we will not stand for a trumped up bonus scheme designed to punish us not reward us.  (download bulletin for contact details)

JTG/QBT Bulletin Download - 26.03.2013

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400