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ASU says vote ‘NO’ to the Emirates agreement!

17 February 2020 By ASU

You will be able to vote on a proposed agreement from the 20 to 26 February 2020.

On Friday, 7 February 2020 Emirates confirmed that the draft agreement that we have seen will made available to for staff to review from 13 to 19 February 2020. Once the Access Period is complete, you should receive an email from Emirates’ external provider. The email will contain details about how to make a valid vote, including a PIN to login and cast your vote.

The ASU advises our members to Vote ‘NO’!

When we last wrote to you we explained that Emirates’ offer could not be endorsed by the ASU, ALAEA or your bargaining representatives but it was time for Emirates to get your views on their inferior agreement. Emirates employees deserve better.

A majority ‘NO’ vote sends a clear message to Emirates. ASU members want fair pay rises, as well as a better redundancy package and a fair merit system that recognises the work that you do. VOTE NO to their sub-standard offer to get Emirates back to the table and negotiating for a better deal.

However, if a majority of employees who participate in the ballot vote ‘yes’ to the agreement, Emirates will submit the agreement to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

The biggest reason to vote ‘NO’ to the Emirates Enterprise agreement 2020

ASU members have been telling us that the merit system no longer works – it’s rigged! No matter how much effort you put in most employees get the same rating every time.

Significant changes proposed for the remuneration structure of your agreement will also leave you in an even worse position. Emirates is only offering a guaranteed salary increase of 0.5% p.a. to staff who have not reached the top of their scale. The greater proportion of any further annual increase will be from discretionary increases derived from your annual merit rating. This means that if you continue to get a ‘Good’ rating year on year – like the majority of Emirates staff – your salary will not increase by more than 1.25-2.00% p.a.

Without a fair and reasonable pay offer on the table, there is no incentive to accept a poor outcome from bargaining that will make you and future employees worse off than under your current entitlements.

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For more information please contact your local ASU organiser.icon Emirates Bulletin #7 - 11 February 2020

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