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Get Ready To Vote NO – Singapore Airlines wants you to vote again on Appendix D

15 May 2020 By ASU, the airlines industry union

After the majority of staff said ‘No’ to Appendix D Singapore airlines is asking you to vote again. We’ve asked them to listen to their staff and take this off the EBA agenda.

You’ll have two choices:

  • An amended Appendix D
  • No Appendix D

The company has told us that if you vote no to Appendix D in any form, they will take it off the Agenda. Vote ‘No’.

Why should I vote no?

Appendix D takes away your right to negotiation and consultation about changes to your hours of work.

This is what you need to know about the Appendix D:

  • D.3.2 means the company can reduce your hours to 0 at 7 days’ notice. It also means they can call you back to work with no notice. This could put you in conflict between alternative employment or caring responsibilities.
  • D.3.3(B) means the company can force you to take paid annual leave (b). There is no obligation for this direction to be reasonable or fair. They can just do it when they want.
  • D.3.3(C) ‘Close Down’ – This means they can choose to shutdown part of the business and force you to take annual leave. The company does not need to have any reason to close down part of its business, and you won’t have any right of appeal in the Commission or a Court.

If the company wants to work with staff to protect jobs and help the business, it should share all the information it can with employees and consult them when it wants to make changes to the business.

Vote No

Pass this bulletin to your friends and colleagues. We need as many people as possible to vote against the Appendix D.

Need Information?

Speak to your organiser for more information (download full bulletin here).

Contact Details
Name: National Office
Telephone: 03 9342 1400