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Officials & staff of the ASU National Office


David Smith

National Secretary. David is the Chief Executive Officer of the ASU. Ensures the legislative obligations of the Union are fulfilled and that the national elected representatives of the ASU meet regularly to determine the direction of the Union.


Linda White

Assistant National Secretary. Linda leads the Campaigns & Growth Team.

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Robert Potter

Assistant National Secretary (Sydney). Robert leads the Industrial Team. Robert is based in the Sydney National Office.


John Nucifora

National Governance and Legal Officer. John manages the compliance requirements of the Union as a registered organisation under the Fair Work legislation and as governed by the ASU Rules. He also coordinates all Rules matters, provides legal/industrial advice and FWC advocacy. ASU rep on ACTU OHS/Workers’ Compensation Committee.


Justin Cooney

National Industrial Officer. Justin is a member of the Campaigns & Growth Team.


Joanne Knight

National Industrial Officer. Joanne is part of the Industrial Team.


Michael Rizzo

National Industrial Officer. Michael is part of the Industrial Team.

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Michael Robson

National Industrial Officer (Sydney). Michael is part of the Industrial Team.


Jody Miles

National Research Officer (Part Time). Jody is part of the Research Team.


Lyn Fraser

National Research Officer (Sydney) (Part Time). Lyn is part of the Research Team.


Emeline Gaske

National Campaigns & Growth Coordinator. Emeline coordinates the Campaigns & Growth Team, which focusses on national projects that will lead to a stronger ASU.

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Brigid Marasco

National Communications Officer. Brigid manages National Office communications including the ASU website and social media presence. Writes and edits content for news and other materials. Assists with campaigns and projects, and provides advice to National officers & Branches. Media liaison, design & desktop publishing and project management of external suppliers.

Media liaison: 03 9342 1469


Fouzia Aden

Executive Assistant. Fouzia assists the Campaigns & Growth Team (Linda White, Emeline Gaske, Justin Cooney).


Sarina Andronaco

Executive Assistant. Sarina assists the Industrial Team (Robert Potter, Michael Rizzo, Joanne Knight, Michael Robson).


Dani Brooks

Executive Assistant (Part Time). Dani is the assistant to the National Secretary and the National Governance and Legal Officer.

Jonathan Pipke

Operations Manager. Responsible for the day to day operations of the National Office (personnel, administrative service, building maintenance) as well as negotiating purchasing deals on behalf of the National Office and Branches (telecommunications, insurance, travel etc), IT system project management and implementation, and managing the ASUshop and ASUjoin.


Carl Marchant

Finance Officer. Looks after the financial matters of the Union (please contact your ASU Branch for financial or membership inquiries).