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Why join the ASU?

By becoming a member of the ASU you will join thousands of other Australians striving together to defend and advance our rights at work. Together we achieve much more than we do alone.

  • We campaign together in our workplaces to reach the best possible agreements with employers.

  • We defend individual members or groups of members facing discrimination, unfair treatment, bullying, etc.

  • We provide information to each other about workplace rights and other related matters.

  • We create a strong and united voice so we can be heard.

  • We participate in campaigns across our industries and with other workers across the country.

  • We show solidarity with workers across the globe.

Joining the ASU puts you in a better position at work. It means you contribute to the collective effort to protect yourself and co-workers against poor treatment and this increases our collective bargaining power in improving pay and conditions for you and your fellow members.

The Union is a community, a network of members, delegates, occupational health & safety reps, organisers, industrial officers and many other specialists who are working together to get the best outcomes.


  1. Union members have better pay and conditions compared to non-union members.

  3. Health and safety conditions are superior in unionised workplaces.

  5. Consultation from employers is enhanced in unionised workplaces.

  7. Union members have more job security than non-union members.

  9. Union members have ready access to representation when experiencing poor treatment and unfair dismissal.


  10. Unions have won a myriad of rights and conditions for workers over the generations against the opposition of employers (eg. weekends, sick leave, overtime, annual leave, redundancy arrangements, parental leave, penalty rates, long service leave, consultation, etc)

  11. Union members have access to training and information that improves their position at work.

  13. Unions have successfully fought oppressive workplace laws like WorkChoices until they have been repealed.

  15. Unions have participated in the great social movements of history, from campaigning for Aboriginal reconciliation, to recognition of women's equality, to protecting the environment and our cultural heritage.

  17. Unions make a positive difference, helping deliver a fairer society for all!

Visit our ASUjoin page to find out more or go straight to our secure online ASUjoin form – we look forward to having you on board!

ASU Factsheet - Why join the ASU?A great way to help the Union grow and increase our ability to deliver for all members is to talk to your colleagues about joining. You can send them to this page or download this information as a factsheet so you can hand it around or put on your workplace noticeboard.


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