We don't have a choice: Australia must act on climate change. The changes happening now to the climate are real and so are the impacts on all Australians - so we must act. And unions have a role to play.

As we make the inevitable transformation to a low pollution economy, unions are determined to ensure that any action on climate change will:

  • Protect existing jobs
  • Attract investment in clean energy and production
  • Support emission-intensive and trade-exposed industries
  • Provide assistance to households

The price on pollution will only affect around 1000 of Australia's largest companies and will force companies to reduce their carbon pollution and find more energy efficient methods of operating.

Safeguarding workers and industries Unions are seeking a sustainable industry policy that ensures all jobs are protected, especially those in manufacturing and export industries, and new ones are created through investment into renewable energy sources.

Unlocking clean energy industries and jobs

Job creation and action on climate change are closely connected. Australia has the resources, the initiative and we certainly have the people to maximise this opportunity but we need the revenue from a pollution price to unlock these opportunities bringing with it hundreds and thousands of jobs.

Supporting households and communities

Unions have been lobbying the government to ensure that households are not made worse-off under a price on pollution. The government has promised a compensation package that will be more than sufficient to offset any additional costs that are passed on by businesses so a price on pollution will have minimal affect on your hip pocket.

Taking action today

Unions believe in a price on pollution that is fair on workers, fair on families, fair on the community and fair on the environment. We need to tell the politicians that workers understand the challenges and opportunities ahead, and support action on climate change through a price on pollution.

Australians have always achieved great things in the national interest. Action on climate change is no different.