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Airlines - the ASU is your union in the airlines/aviation industry

The ASU is the biggest Australian union covering airline industry workers. Our members work for Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Regional Express, Eastern Australia Airlines, Sunstate Airlines, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Emirates and other overseas airlines, as well as contractors in the industry like Menzies Aviation Services and Aerocare or air freight companies like Australian Air Express and StarTrack.

Our ASU in airlines is coordinated nationally by Assistant National Secretary, Linda White, and locally by Branch organisers in every state and territory and in regional areas. The ASU has enterprise agreements or awards with nearly every carrier flying into Australia. Most of these agreements are negotiated nationally.

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Following is a summary of the ASU’s coverage in this sector. It is not exhaustive, so if you do not see your position or employer listed, you may still be eligible for ASU membership. Feel free to make an inquiry.


Position titles  Major employers 
  • check in staff
  • reservations staff
  • administration
  • finance and administration
  • freight clerks
  • managers

Dnata (formerly Toll Dnata)
Singapore Airlines
South African Airways
Qantas Courier
StarTrack (see Clerical & Administrative (C&A) section)

The airline industry in Australia, and throughout the world, is undergoing massive change. No one can take their job for granted. For employees it increases the need for a united voice. The only way forward is together.

Airline employees say that their main concerns are:

  • job security

  • more control over what happens in the workplace

  • better pay, conditions and career opportunities

The ASU is all about achieving these goals.

Each ASU member plays a crucial part in securing a better deal for everyone. By linking with your colleagues you can make a difference.

Together we create:

  • a national voice through Australia-wide membership

  • great opportunities to participate and have your say

  • strong links with other people in your own area of expertise

  • a committed and active network of workplace representatives and delegates

It's only because of the union movement that all Australian workers enjoy paid leave, sick pay, superannuation, parental leave, long service leave, paid overtime and penalty rates. All of these things were opposed by employers.

ASU members are the union - and that means you're not on your own. Most workplaces have a union delegate specially trained to handle many workplace issues. Delegates are there to help and they're the key link between you and other members in the ASU.

To make sure your voice is heard, the ASU has set up a special National Airlines Division Council (NADC), with members from every state, to determine the union's strategy and priorities in the airline industry.

The NADC can be contacted by e-mail on

Dates for meeting of NADC can be found on the ASU Calendar page.

The ASU is an active member of the Civil Aviation Section of the International Transport Federation (ITF). The ASU regularly sends delegates to ITF meetings - this year ASU delegates have attended conferences for unions with members in the Oneworld and STAR alliances.

This international network has placed us in a position to gain information and strategic advantage in this global industry.

The ASU participated in the worldwide Zero Air Rage campaign organised by the ITF Civil Aviation Section.