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ASU Industries

The ASU operates in various industries under the auspices of an internal body known as an Industry Division or an Industry Committee. If you want to know what is happening in your ASU industry, follow the links to your industry's home page (use the "Industries" menu above).

The ASU is active in the following broad industry groupings (click on the industry heading to visit it's webpage). Greater detail can be found on our ASU Coverage page:


Local Government




Energy & Water


Social & Community Services (SACS)


Call Centres


Information Technology & Business Equipment


Transport, Ports & Shipping




Private Sector Clerical & Administrative (C&A)


Further details about ASU coverage in these industries can be found on the industry home page or visit our ASU coverage page.

Industry campaigns

The ASU runs industry based campaigns to represent the interests of our members. These campaigns range from enterprise bargaining to equal pay to occupational health & safety. To find out more about industry based campaigns, visit the Industry home page. Other campaigns the ASU runs which relate to more than one industry can be found under the "Campaigns" menu above.