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ASU Qantas EBA12 - The Spirit of our People

 Our ASU Qantas Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 12 (EBA12)


Our ASU Qantas Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 12 (EBA12) commenced with the release of our EBA survey in November 2019.

A Qantas Group National Delegates meeting was held on 5 February 2020. The meeting discussed our overall approach to the campaign for EBA12.

Almost 60 ASU delegates from all states and territories met in Melbourne on 5 February 2020 to commence preparations for bargaining in Qantas Airways and QFIT see bulletin Qantas EBA 12 Bulletin #1 - 7 February 2020. This will be the 12th ASU enterprise agreement (EBA) with these companies. It is an important EBA that will cover the wages and conditions of one of the largest groups of employees in the Qantas Group.

Your National Negotiating Team has been put together - you can find out who the members are in our NNT brochure: Qantas EBA12 - Introducing your NNT!

It is important to attend your local meeting to consider the delegates' recommendation about the claim. We will also provide members with a detailed understanding of the EBA survey results so watch out for details.

ASU members endorsed our claim after attending meetings and hearing a report on the extensive EBA survey we conducted. We sent our claim to the company on 11 March 2020 see bulletin Qantas EBA 12 Bulletin #2 - 11 March 2020: ASU EBA 12 Claim Endorsed and Served see claim here Qantas EBA 12 - ASU Claim, 11 March 2020.