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The ASU lodges submissions to national inquiries in the course of our work to ensure that the voice of our members is heard in all the relevant debates.

Parliamentary inquiries, investigations by the Productivity Commission, these can all shape how governments make policy decisions. To ensure our members' interests are taken into account we both lodge written submissions and attend hearings, sometimes with members as witnesses.

Below is a chronological list of submissions produced by the ASU. You can find our publications on our publications page.

 2017 submissions to the following inquiries
Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS Inquiry into the provision of services under the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities related to a mental health condition 15 March
Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee Inquiry into Gender segregation in the workplace and its impact on women’s economic equality 3 March
Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Omnibus Savings and Child Care Reform) Bill 2017 3 March
Productivity Commission Inquiry into Human Services: Reforms to Human Services – Issues Paper 10 February
Senate (Economics References Committee) Inquiry into into non-conforming building products (asbestos) 13 January
 2016 submissions to the following inquiries
Senate (Community Affairs Legislation Committee) Inquiry into into the Fairer Paid Parental Leave Bill 2016 15 December
Senate Inquiry (Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee) into the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)
27 October
Senate Inquiry into provisions of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014
 27 September
Additional Submission to Senate Inquiry into Building and Construction Industry Bills (ABCC), (for the earlier submission, see below at 19 February 2016)  26 September
NSW Government Committee First Review of the Workers’ Compensation Scheme
 23 September
Peoples Inquiry into Privatisation
 23 September
Productivity Commission Inquiry into how to assess the superannuation system's performance
 5 September
Productivity Commission Inquiry into Human Services: Identifying sectors for reform
 25 July
Productivity Commission study into Superannuation Competitiveness and Efficiency
 18 April
Senate Inquiry into the Transport Security Amendment (Serious or Organised Crime) Bill
24 March
Senate Inquiry into the Future of Australia’s aged care sector workforce
 18 March
Senate Inquiry into Building and Construction Industry Bills (ABCC)
 19 February
Senate Inquiry into Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Jobs for Families Child Care Package) Bill
 29 January
Federal Treasury Consultation into extending superannuation choice to enterprise agreements and workplace determinations
 19 January
2015 submissions to the following inquiries








2008 and earlier

  • Productivity Commission - Waste Services Inquiry [not currently available]