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A selected list of publications produced by the ASU follows. You can find our submissions on our dedicated ASU submissions page.



About the ASU

This brochure summarises the who, what, why and when of the ASU plus information about coverage and a directory of Branches. A useful quick guide to the ASU. Download 'About the ASU' PDF. We also have a brochure specifically about the role of the National Office Download 'About the ASU National Office'.

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Our Local: a history of local government services and building community resilience

The report contains material aimed at highlighting the need for more adequate funding of council services as well as the need for an increased understanding and appreciation of the role of local government in communities. Download PDF


The Privatisation Betrayal: losing the things we value

This report prepared by the ASU brings together Australian and international research on privatisation to illustrate the detrimental impact it can have. The report discusses key aspects of privatisation which are of particular concern to Australian communities. In addition to detrimental impacts on finances, selling public assets can have negative impacts on local democracy and social equity. Download PDF


Outsourcing & Insourcing in Australian Local Government - by Professor Brian Dollery

ASU commissioned report questioning the benefits of privatisation (aka outsourcing, contracting-out, offshoring). Read news: "New report shows local government outsourcing costs communities much more". Full title: "Outsourcing and Insourcing in Australian Local Government: Productivity Commission's (2014) - Public Infrastructure Report and Municipal Road Maintenance and Renewal". Download PDF


Employment Services: not just a job - Final Report

As part of "Employment Services - not just a job" project we conducted a national survey of employment services workers. This survey assisted us to report the concerns of workers to other stakeholders, including the Government. The final report outlining the results and conclusions from the survey can be found here. Download PDF


A national plan to address the workforce crisis in the social, community and disability services industry 2009

The social and community services industry is facing a workforce crisis. Unless immediate action is taken, the industry will not have the workforce needed to deliver the services required to ensure that the most disadvantaged or marginalised can fully participate in society. Download PDF


It's your call: improving Australian call centres for workers - 2009 survey report

This booklet contains the analysis of data from the ASU survey of call centre workers conducted in late 2008 to early 2009. Download PDF


Quality public services - opportunities to address climate change in Australia

A discussion paper on the impact of climate change and the role Australia's local, public services can play as the nation adapts to a climate constrained future. Download PDF


Corporate Social Responsibility and Decent Work

If corporations are serious about their social responsibilities, their agenda must not just be confined to "good deeds" in the community, but to socially responsibly as well as productive and socially sustainable utilisation of our country's most precious resource - its people. Download PDF


Building Social Inclusion in Australia: priorities for the social and community services sector workforce - discussion paper

The ASU prepared this research as a starting point for further community and sector consultation about the issues that confront social and community services sector workers. Download PDF


Building Social Inclusion in Australia: priorities for the social and community services sector workforce - recommendations for stronger social and community services

The ASU prepared this recommendations report arising from the related discussion paper (see above) and a large survey of SACS workers carried out through the middle of 2007. Download PDF


We need more superannuation: discussion paper and bargaining support resource

This is a resource designed to assist members and their union reps to include increased superannuation contributions as part of their claims on employers in agreement negotiations. Download PDF