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ASU Jetstar EBA5 - Respect us, respect our work

Our current ASU Jetstar Enterprise Bargaining agreement expires on 30 September 2013.

To launch our ASU Jetstar EBA 5 Campaign we held a competition among our Jetstar members to name our campaign with a theme and slogan which reflects what our members think is important. The winner of our competition was Selinda Korf from Melbourne Head office who won a gift card sponsored by ME Bank and ACTU Connect.

Our EBA 5 survey with our new slogan was launched with the release of our EBA Survey in June 2013 (Bulletin 1) which has now been completed by almost 150 staff from all areas of ASU coverage at Jetstar.

ASU delegates and officials make up the ASU's National Negotiating Team (NNT), you can find out about the team here.

The ASU national negotiating team have reviewed the results of the survey and have now formulated a claim which is being considered for endorsement by ASU members (Bulletin 2).

The ASU national negotiating team have reviewed the results of the survey and formulated a claim which was considered for endorsement by ASU members (Bulletin 3). ASU members overwhelmingly endorsed the claim and it has now been served on Jetstar (ASU Claim).

Our first meeting was held on 18 September 2013 (Bulletin 4) and our second meeting on 8 October 2013 (Bulletin 5).

At our meetings with Jetstar on 28 November and 11 December 2013, we asked Jetstar to get their act together and bring negotiators to the table who can talk seriously to us (Bulletin 6 and Bulletin 7).

Since the December meeting, following a few postponements, it has become clear that senior management will not finalise the agreement with us due to the Qantas Group Review. Jetstar is postponing all EBA negotiations until after the Qantas half yearly profit announcement on 27 February 2014 (Bulletin 8).

Our next meeting is scheduled for 4 March 2014.