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All our claims tabled for the Jetstar EBA 5

14 October 2013 By ASU


At our 2nd meeting with Jetstar management on 8th October 2013 we tabled all our remaining detailed claims as follows:

Claim 2 – Include all EBA conditions that are currently in side letters in EBA 5

Claim 4 – Provide for conversion for part time workers to full time

Claim 5 – Ensure job security of Jetstar employees by providing that any contractors are paid the same rates and conditions

Claim 6 – Ensure job security by providing for consultation and agreement about the use of temporary, casual and fixed term employees

Claim 7 – Improve consultation and information provisions

Claim 8 – Improve the classification structure

Claim 11 – Include the excess baggage commission scheme in the EBA

Claim 13 – Improve uniforms and access to special equipment e.g. wet weather gear

Claim 14 – Improve access to long service leave and clarify the LSL clause in EBA

Claim 15 – Improve how payroll operates

Claim 16 – Include automatic right to request part time work after parental leave

Claim 18 – Improve rostering of meal breaks

Claim 23 – Limit the number of days that can be rostered in a row to 6 days

Claim 24 – Improve access to annual leave

Claim 25 – Provide for the ability to access jobshare

Claim 26 – Provide for the establishment of a rostering committee

Claim 27 – 5% pay rise per annum

Claim 28 – Increase EBA allowance for either CPI or the wage increase as appropriate

Claim 29 – Increase the company superannuation contribution to 15%

Jetstar management did not respond to our claims they are going to study the detail and then we will start negotiations in earnest at the next meeting.

Copies of the detailed claims are available from your local ASU organisers or National Negotiating Team members.

Jetstar's state of the nation

Management also took the opportunity at this meeting to outline how they see the aviation environment ahead. There is no doubt Jetstar in Australia has been going well though some of startup international operations have variable results. Overall though Jetstar's progress is positive which we hope management will reflect in their attitude to our claims.

Management "outline their claims

Jetstar management "outlined" their general claims saying they want no major changes to the existing agreement though they did say they want:

  • More effective rostering to better deliver flexibility and productivity through:
  • Consistency of part time provisions across the network
  • A new rostering system
  • Fatigue management
  • Simplification of work rules e.g. leave, higher duties, choice of DIL or payment for public holidays not rostered
  • Compliance with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards.

What these claims actually mean is not clear and we expect greater detail at our next meeting. The devil is always in the detail and while the company says they want no major changes we will have to wait and see what their claims really mean.

Our next meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for 22nd October 2013. Watch out for more details.

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Download PDF bulletin here icon Jetstar EBA 5 bulletin no 5

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