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Jetstar scrambles to find staff for peak season

23 November 2020 By

The ASU have been saying to Jetstar that they needed to think about to resourcing a likely boost to available work from December 2020 and now they are scrambling to find the staff.

The ASU has been meeting regularly with Jetstar to hear about improving flight schedules, returning to work after stand down and getting rostering right.

With so many people on SLWOP in August this year – many of whom were working elsewhere - we said that we wanted to know what Jetstar was thinking about managing the upcoming seasonal peak period from December to January.

Every October Jetstar is obliged by the consultation provisions in your EBA to commence a similar process each year. This year Jetstar failed to do so due to the current circumstances.

Last week we reported that Jetstar was finally talking to the ASU about rostering for December and January. Jetstar believed that they would need to recall all staff from Special Leave Without Pay (SLWOP) and we raised your concerns about bringing everyone back to work and how to get rostering right this time.

Update on rostering

In ADL, BNE and SYD Jetstar doesn’t expect to have enough CSOs to do the work.

ALL the available work should be offered to Jetstar employees, as well as some available leave for staff who need it – this includes OT and extra shifts.

To address some potential staff shortages in BNE, SYD and ADL we’ve asked Jetstar to commit to the following:

  • Ask staff to come back from SLWOP voluntarily through an EOI.
  • Ensure staff who are compulsorily returned are chosen fairly.
  • Where there is now a CSO vacancy, promote CBOs ASAP – the CBO role is not and never has been intended to provide relief when there aren’t enough CSOs to do the available work.
  • Any voluntary secondment opportunities offered to OOL staff to work in Brisbane should only to cover the peak period, BNE staff still get priority access to any OT and extra shifts, and OOL staff should be paid Travel Time - A similar arrangement could be offered to AVV staff if they are interested.
  • Complete necessary recruitment ASAP – unfortunately because Jetstar started recruitment so late in the year, it’s unlikely new starts will be approved by ASIC before the end of Janaury 2021!

Ranstad casuals

The ASU does not believe that it will be necessary to engage Ranstad casuals for the peak season this year. If Ranstad/casuals must be engaged they should not be engaged for any other duties than the usual Contract labour hire duties over Dec/Jan period.

Still time to sign our petition!

You’ve told us what you want from rostering and we need you to show Jetstar how much it means to you by signing our petition.


If you are not yet an ASU member – it is not too late to join. Sign up now to make sure you are supported throughout this crisis:  

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