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Update on ownership changes at AaE and StarTrack

02 October 2012 By ASU

One of the worst kept secrets in Australian Aviation about the change of ownership of AaE and StarTrack has now been made public.

Qantas announced today that it is to buy out Australia Post's share of AaE and Australia Post will buy out the Qantas share of StarTrack, once the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) gives its approval.

What do we know so far?

Qantas/AaE is forming a team to work out how the AaE/Qantas Freight integration/merger would work.

How Qantas Freight and AaE International fit together, how AaE Domestic operates, whether any staff in StarTrack come back to AaE/Qantas are all questions that need answers.

Whether a standalone company exists or whether the combined business of AaE/Qantas Freight are integrated into Qantas Airways is another key issue. Qantas Freight is not a separate company at present.

The Qantas/AaE staff communications flag that there will be "efficiencies" - what that means needs to be established too.

All these questions and more will be the subject of meetings with the various companies. Nothing will happen though until ACCC approval is gained but planning will start immediately.

The ASU has members and agreements in Qantas, AaE and StarTrack and we have already told the various company representatives that we expect to have regular discussions as the process continues.

What's next?

The ASU AaE delegates have a meeting scheduled with AaE management on 3rd October about iCargo but we will also discuss this latest news and program further meetings.

A meeting with Qantas management and Qantas Freight ASU delegates is scheduled for 23rd October in Sydney.

Meetings with StarTrack are being finalised.

We will report back to members when we know more.

If you have questions contact your local delegates or organisers (download bulletin for contact details).

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