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Update on Qantas Freight Structure

21 December 2012 By ASU, the airlines industry union

Your AaE delegates held a teleconference with Qantas Freight management on Thursday 13 December 2013 to try and get answers to the many questions you have about the new Qantas Freight structure arising from AaE becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas.

As best we can determine Qantas will be in a position to advise staff about the new structure and how Qantas Freight and AaE will work together sometime between 15 January 2013 and 31 January 2013.

Qantas have promised that your delegates will be consulted. We can but trust them to do what they say

What about superannuation?

We asked for an update on what will happen to your superannuation. As members know, AaE can no longer participate in the Aus Post fund and so a new super fund with identical benefits has to be found for staff who have super in the Aus Post fund.

Qantas determined to engage a group to conduct a tender of possible superannuation funds that can take on the administration of your super. The tender consultant will be engaged in early January 2013 and it is expected that the tender process will take around 3 months.

We have asked Qantas to tell us the name of the tender consultant they select and also the superannuation funds that are being asked to tender. We believe Qantas Super will be one of the tendering funds. We will keep you posted on this important issue.

We believe ASU members should also have a say in which fund is chosen and we have told Qantas that this is our view.

What else did we find out?

Qantas says it will be business as usual at AaE. If you have leave booked in that will continue. All your conditions stay the same

No decision Qantas says has been made on access to staff travel – management would not commit to a time frame when a decision on this will be forthcoming.

What's next?

We wait until Qantas is willing to reveal the new structure for AaE/Qantas Freight and we will report back further on any information we receive.

Seasons greetings

Your ASU organisers and officials take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe holiday season and we look forward to working with our members in 2013 for what will no doubt be another big year.

If you have questions contact your local delegates or organisers (download the bulletin below for full details).

icon Download the AaE Bulletin #18 - 21 December 2012

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400