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Time for AaE management to focus

17 December 2014 By ASU, the airlines industry union

We met AaE management about the EBA on 15th December 2014 for our third meeting with the company and they still have not comprehensively responded to our log of claims.

We have raised significant issues about integration and promotions, work within Qantas Freight and other provisions that exist for Qantas employees in Qantas Freight yet we get blank looks from the Qantas/AaE management who attend our meeting.

Qantas/AaE still have not put their log of claims on the table – which is remarkable given how many times we have now met. It really is time for AaE/Qantas management to focus on our EBA, we deserve this.

SCIP – review under way

We have continued to highlight the problems members are experiencing with SCIP2. Many of these issues seem like news to the National Management yet we know that have been raised locally time and time again.

Despite the serious issues raised – not the least of which is that the TWU covered employees have not been trained to implement their part of SCIP2 – the company says those who expressed interest in redundancy will be released close to Christmas and in some cases early in the new year.

AaE management have promised a review of the issues we have raised with SCIP – supposedly we will get a response before Christmas. We will be holding them to this promise.

Staff travel – saga

Despite saying that staff travel cannot be negotiated in the EBA we understand that AaE has done just that in the other AaE negotiations that are going on. What is currently on offer is way less than is available to other Qantas Freight employees and doesn't recognise service with AaE for on load categories nor does it provide full interline benefits. That said it is a start and we would expect no less than this scheme would be on offer to us in our EBA.

We do have a lot of important other issues to sort through not the least of which is integration issues with Qantas which are very important and need attention.

What next?

We are programing another meeting for early February 2015 – to hopefully hear back about our claims.

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