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Time for AaE to focus

19 March 2015 By ASU, the airlines industry union

We met with AaE management in Sydney on 17th March 2015 and unfortunately it seems they are still trying to sort out their position on a range of EBA issues not the least of which is when the pay freeze applies from for AaE ASU EBA covered staff.

On the positive side though we did establish that AaE is paying a 9.5% superannuation contribution to some staff (others are on over 14%) not the 9.25% that we had been previously told – so the company is complying with the Federal Super Legislation they say. Our claim is for a company contribution of 10% for those staff i.e. parity with Qantas employees.

Also we are pleased to report that the issue with payroll failing to pay the night shift staff loading for shifts finishing after 1pm seems to have been fixed and about 55 staff have received backpay. Congratulations to our ASU delegates for doggedly pursuing this issue.

Why is this EBA taking so long?

Our discussions seem to be taking so long because the company representatives in the room just can't seem to give us definitive answers to the issues we raise and the proposals we raise.

We have put written and verbal positions on numerous occasions and have got back contradictory responses.

In relation to the staff travel offer we are yet to see anything in writing, we have sought clarification on how long service leave trips will apply and what scheme those with Australian Airlines staff travel will benefit from.

We are seeking job security commitments, a rostering committee in each port, Qantas paid parental leave of 12 weeks (not 10 weeks), better union rights and an extension of a classification structure to cover duty managers and fixing of the drafting anomalies in our EBA (e.g. night shift clause).

We have been very clear about our claims – we just need AaE/Qantas to get their act together.

Next meeting

Our next meeting is on 21st April 2015 - after this meeting we expect to hold members' meetings to report back on progress.

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