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National Executive

31 October 2012 By

National Executive is the committee of management of the ASU and sees to the running of the Union between meetings of National Conference which is the supreme ruling body of the ASU. National Executive meets three times a year.

All National Executive meetings for the current year are recorded in the calendar, along with the city in which they are to take place.

If you have any queries about National Executive, please contact the National Secretary, who is responsible for organising the meetings.

The members of National Executive are as follows:

National elected position and/or Branch Name
National Secretary Robert Potter
Assistant National Secretary Emeline Gaske
NSW & ACT (Services) Natalie Lang
NSW & ACT (Services) Judith Wright
NSW & ACT (Services) Angus McFarland
NSW United Services Graeme Kelly
NSW United Services Glen McAtear
NSW United Services Clare Raffan
QLD (Services & Nth Admin) Neil Henderson
QLD (Services & Nth Admin) - National Vice President

Jennifer Thomas

QLD (Services & Nth Admin) Lindy Henson
QLD Together Alex Scott
QLD Together Vivienne Doogan
QLD Together Kate Flanders
SA & NT Abbie Spencer
SA & NT Scott Cowen
Taxation Officers Jeff Lapidos
Taxation Officers Ancel Greenwood
VIC & TAS A&S Lisa Darmanin
VIC & TAS A&S Billy King
VIC & TAS A&S Barry Gough
VIC Private Sector Matt Norrey
VIC Private Sector Imogen Sturni
WA Wayne Wood
WA - National President Paul O'Neill