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VIC: RACV AGM raises questions about treatment of call centre staff

12 November 2013 By ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch

The Australian Services Union (ASU) Victorian Private Sector Branch will be protesting at the RACV AGM today, urging stakeholders to ask questions of Executive management about the long running dispute over pay and conditions for call centre staff.

131112-racv-share 1ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch Secretary Ingrid Stitt said that after 6 months of negotiations and 7 rounds of industrial action, RACV members deserved an explanation about the shocking double standard of attempting to cut pay and conditions despite paying generous pay rises to the Board of Directors.

"RACV members will be asked at the AGM to approve an 11% pay rise for Directors who will receive $2 million; while hard working call centre staff who do shiftwork all year round are expected to take a 2.5% pay offer and cuts to their conditions," Ms Stitt said.

"The RACV AGM is a chance for management to take questions from the floor about how such an outrageous decision to reward Directors at the expense of the public face of the RACV – the call centre workers who answer the phone when your car breaks down.

"RACV call centre staff deserve better. Not only are they getting a reduced pay offer, they are also asking staff to work an extra 100 minutes a week and drastically reduce their redundancy benefits.

"RACV call centre staff are simply seeking the protection of their conditions and benefits in their EBA and a fair pay increase, to balance the family budget.

"Given that RACV Directors seek to increase their own remuneration to $2 million per year, an 11% increase on last year, and yet only offer their staff 2.5% - the double standard and lack of respect is sickening," Ms Stitt said.

MEDIA: For more information please contact ASU Private Sector Branch Secretary Ingrid Stitt on 0418 357 440 or media officer Jackie Hanafie on 0410 631 404.

Support the call centre workers at RACV

What can you do to help? You can urge RACV management to give our call centre workers a fair go by:

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