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Right to disconnect report

17 August 2023 By ASU

We need the right to clock off and switch off!

Balancing work and home life is essential for everyone. We all want to work hard and feel rewarded in our jobs, but we also need to spend quality time with family and friends, care for our loved ones, enjoy hobbies, exercise, and rest.

But for too many people, the work-life balance is off.

Unpaid overtime, contact after hours, excessive workloads and understaffing are systemic issues for many workers. With constant email and phone notifications, an expectation to always be switched on, and blurring boundaries between work and home life, finding the work-life balance is harder than ever.

Join the campaign for the right to clock off and switch off. Sign the petition here.

The Australian Services Union launches the ‘right to disconnect’ report.

To launch the ‘Clock Off and Switch Off’ campaign for the Right to Disconnect, the Australian Services Union surveyed people working in professional clerical and administrative roles about their work/life balance and unpaid overtime.

Read the report here.