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BUPA enterprise bargaining

28 May 2013 By ASU

BUPA staff would be aware that the BUPA Australia Enterprise Agreement 2010 expires on 24th June 2013. As in 2010 the ASU and FSU will be seeking to commence bargaining with management as soon as possible.

Your enterprise agreement is a legally enforceable document which provides you with wages and conditions specific to BUPA.

The relevant underpinning modern award that applies is the Banking, Finance and Insurance Award 2010.

To ensure that you get the most out of the bargaining process you should look carefully at the current agreement and think about what you would like to see improved.

The union claims will involve the following:

  • Annual pay increase
  • Union consultation about changes to work
  • Job Security
  • Hours of Work, penalty rates and overtime
  • Conversion to full time work
  • Career Development
  • Staffing Levels/Workload
  • Domestic Violence leave

The bargaining process

[Download the full bulletin below to see the bargaining process diagram]

Need more information?

If you wish to discuss the Union claims further please arrange a meeting at your workplace with the following ASU representatives or go to [download the full bulletin to see the contact list].


icon Download the full BUPA Bulletin - 28 May 2013

Contact Details
Name: John Nucifora
Telephone: 03 9342 1477