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StarTrack Enterprise Agreement – bargaining update

01 August 2014 By ASU

On 25 July 2014, the ASU National Negotiating team met with StarTrack management for further discussions about the new Enterprise Agreement. Prior to this meeting the ASU had requested that the company provide us with some detailed information and there were some delays between meetings whilst the company was getting this information together.

Request for information

At the first meeting, the ASU served a request for information to better understand how claims will affect the workforce. The company has responded to this request and provided most of the information. The ASU is currently analysing this information.

Appropriate industrial instrument

At the first EBA meeting the ASU raised concerns that the company was not acting in the spirit of the EBA and was employing all new employees on the Clerks – Private Sector Award. The ASU has argued that the appropriate employment conditions should have been the AAE Retail Agreement which is superior to the Award conditions that Startrack has employed people under.

StarTrack management are still obtaining legal advice about this issue. They have committed to the ASU to respond about this issue this week.

ASU respond to Startrack claims

At the first meeting, StarTrack management advised that they will seek a number of changes to the new Enterprise Agreement. The ASU has responded to these claims. For the most part, these claims represent a reduction in employment conditions and where this is the case we have rejected them. We have, however, agreed to discuss some claims further to try and find compromise. For example the company seeks to pay parental leave in two 7 weeks blocks. The first instalment of leave is immediately after the birth, and the second is 6 months after the employee has returned to work. The ASU argued that this proposal does not adequately support new parents. Paid leave should be provided in one 14 week block immediately after the birth of the child.

ASU provide further detail of our claims

The ASU provided further detail about our claims. We cannot provide a complete claim because of the disagreement about the employment conditions of existing staff. Until we reach agreement about what the current employment conditions are, it is difficult to negotiate future conditions.

Parental leave

The ASU has put a claim that primary carer leave (also known as maternity leave) should be 14 weeks at the time of the birth of the employee's child and that secondary carers leave (also known as paternity leave) of 4 weeks should be paid.

Buddy Training Allowance

Where employees are required to train new employees, the employee should receive an allowance for this training. Our claim is for an allowance of $20 per day.


ASU members have raised a broad range of rostering issues that need to be addressed in this EBA. We have put forward a number of rostering principles that seek to promote fairness and transparency in the way the roster operates. We have argued that the rosters should be available 3 months in advance. All staff should have a fair opportunity to earn a similar income, and therefore penalty shifts and overtime should be fairly distributed. We have argued that staff should also be able to maintain the ability to shift swap.

Fair access to annual leave

The ASU has argued that consultation and communication about blackout periods should be improved. We are committed to have further discussion about this issue.

Fair and transparent internal promotion

The ASU has put a claim that new jobs should be internally advertised and that internal promotions should be meritorious and transparent.

Next steps

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 15th of August.

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