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Maurice Blackburn walks away from negotiations

21 June 2016 By ASU

150806 maurice blackburn bulletin button“Come back to the table when you agree” – that’s what the Maurice Blackburn negotiators told your national negotiating team at today’s EBA meeting.

In meetings of members over the last couple of weeks across the country you have told us that

  • The firm’s pay offer is not good enough and they should not treat Support Staff and Lawyers differently
  • The total remuneration framework and bonus scheme lacks transparency and employees need the ability to appeal pay decisions
  • You deserve a fair, written performance management scheme
  • Unpaid overtime should be compensated for by additional health & wellbeing, flex or recognitions days

Unfortunately, despite doing very well financially the firm refuses to change their current offer and we believe they intend now to pay Support Staff a small increase from 1 July 2016 and pay 1 – 3rd year Lawyers nothing. We expect they will announce this shortly.

How did we get to this point?

It is sad that we have got to this point – we all know that the negotiations were originally stalled by the firm starting months after they should have and we have seen the Total Rewards Framework release delayed at least 6 months. We expected that the firm would at least try to listen to the views of hard working frontline staff but unfortunately it appears they would not.

What has become clear to your delegates is that if we want a better pay deal and a better bonus system we need to show the firm’s owners that we mean what we say – we want a better deal.

What next?

The firm is signalling they will not talk to us unless we agree with them. You have told us you will not. Now it is time to consider our next step.

Shortly we will be circulating a short survey designed to ascertain what industrial action you are prepared to take in support of our claims.

The Fair Work Act provides the ability to vote on taking protected industrial action. Protected industrial action is action that an employee can take and an employer cannot discipline or discriminate against any employee who takes that protected action.

Before we start the formal process of a protected action ballot under the Fair Work Act your ASU delegates intend to circulate a short online survey to get your ideas about what you are prepared to do. We have a fairly interesting list of possible actions and we want to know what you think you would be prepared to do. Stay tuned for details of the survey.

Can you help?

Your delegates need help distributing surveys and talking to members and non-members – if you can help contact your local ASU delegate or organiser.

Time to Join the ASU

To take protected industrial action you MUST be a member of the ASU. If you are not a member you cannot take action.

Now more than ever it is time to join the ASU – you can join the ASU on line at

Need more information?

If you have queries contact your local ASU delegate/NNT member or organisers. download the bulletin here) icon Maurice Blackburn Bulletin - 21 June 2016

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