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A sad day for Slater and Gordon members

11 September 2017 By Fouzia Aden

Today Slater and Gordon management have announced a number of office closures, restructures and redundancies.170704 sg eba header

Your ASU delegates and officials have been consulted about these changes. We like you don’t believe it is fair that those whose only crime has been to come to work and do their job have to be targeted to make the business more sustainable, many valued colleagues are losing jobs because of the poor decisions of management.

Our consultation does not end with this announcement we want to try and save as many jobs for people who want to stay at Slater and Gordon as we can. That is why we have proposed to the firm that anyone who wants to stay should be given every assistance to redeploy to another position or job swap with someone who wants to leave the business.

We have also stressed to the company that it is imperative that in instances where there are too many people for the positions that remain that there is a process adopted where people can volunteer to take redundancy rather than apply for the positions that remain if they prefer to let others have the jobs available

That is a process that is adopted in many other companies and means that those who are willing to take redundancy make way for those who would like to remain.

Ask the union for help

If you want advice on process or you have concerns about what is proposed in your area make sure you talk to your local ASU delegate or organiser.

We want to make sure the process is the best it can be so will be prioritising our members’ wishes as this restructure unfolds.

In number of locations we will be holding member meetings too.

We also plan to have a further meeting with the company as the process of redeployment and job swaps unfolds. So watch out for updates

If you have queries make sure you talk to your local ASU delegates or organisers. Download the full bulletin here for contact details icon Slater & Gordon Bulletin - 12 September 2017

Not a member?

You can join the ASU on line at or ask your organiser or delegates for a membership form.

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