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Happy International Women’s Day to all ASU members at Maurice Blackburn

08 March 2018 By ASU

It is indeed a happy day as after our ASU members and delegates continued advocacy over pay transparency and gender equality, the firm today has announced it will no longer enforce or continue the clause in staff contracts that requires secrecy about your pay.

strong unions need womenThis is a great step forward as many, many studies have shown that when pay is kept secret women are paid less than men.

We still do want full transparency on salaries and bonuses so that everyone knows where they stand but this is an important first initiative.

In another step towards this goal your ASU delegates are working with the firm on the classification structure in your agreement so that the system of classifying jobs better recognises and rewards the many skills you have. This is a lot of work and we will need your help to get it right so watch out for more details.

Get Super working for women

The ASU has been campaigning about the need to fix Australia’s superannuation system so it is fairer for women.

Last July we launched a report “Not so Super for Women” with think tank Per Capita which examined in detail the problems with our superannuation system.

You can access the report here New report reveals retirement is not so super for women and here is a Get Super Working flyer with some material explaining the problems and our views on the solutions.

There are many, many problems with the system but the announcement today that the firm will pay super contributions on the Government paid parental leave scheme will make a difference to your retirement income.

ASU members should be proud of the announcements that have been made by the firm but there is still much to do for women both in the firm and across Australia. If you want to be involved in our campaigns for women, like our superannuation campaign or the campaign for 10 days family violence leave in the National Employment Standards or for equal pay – contact your local ASU branch organisers or ASU delegates in your office to get involved.

As the results at Maurice Blackburn show – if we work together in the union we can achieve great things.

icon Get super working for women (poster), 8 March 2018

icon Get super working for women (flyer), 8 March 2018

icon Not So Super, For Women: Superannuation and Women’s Retirement Outcomes, by ASU & Per Capita (August 2017 version)

icon Maurice Blackburn Bulletin, 8 March 2018

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