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Maurice Blackburn Classification Working Group

18 May 2018 By ASU

150806 maurice blackburn bulletin buttonThe Maurice Blackburn Employees’ Agreement 2016 provides for a review of the classification structure in Appendix A of the Agreement. The review is conducted jointly by the Australian Services Union and Maurice Blackburn. We need ASU members to help with the review of the draft classifications and participate in getting the best classifications that recognise the work you do. This is expected to be in the second half of this year.

How will the review proceed

Maurice Blackburn human resources and the ASU have been meeting to establish guidelines for the review. The guidelines set out the aims and scope of the classifications review. Here is what we have agreed:


  • Meet obligations under clause 58 of the Agreement;
  • Enable easier pay gap analysis for similar classifications roles;
  • Ensure employees are remunerated at least on par or above minimum salary relevant to their classification;
  • Ensure employees can easily understand what classification pertains to their role and how they sit in comparison to others;
  • Ensure clear understanding of how employees progress between classification levels; and
  • Ensure how the classification relates to other key documents relevant to their role and progression.


  • Developing classification descriptors for all roles under the EBA threshold by December 2018;
  • Reviewing and aligning various relevant documents (i.e. Career Guides, Practice Guides, Position Descriptions etc.);
  • Undertaking a translation exercise of all employees under the EBA threshold into the new classification structure; and
  • Remedy any pay discrepancy that may become evident whilst undertaking exercise.


  • Utilise the Working to Group to agree on scope, to use as a constant reference point and review mechanism and to act as the feedback mechanism; and
  • Utilise the Working group in the translation phase to ensure we allocate employee to correct descriptor and to remedy any pay concerns.

Your Input

Maurice Blackburn have engaged consultants Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd to develop a new classification structure. On the back of this bulletin is Mercer’s proposal for developing the new classifications. The role for ASU members is quality control. The ASU is asking for members to review the new classifications to ensure they properly reflect what you do. Clearly a representative group reflecting the range of occupations at Maurice Blackburn is required.

The group will also oversee the translation from current classifications to new classifications. This is an important task that needs your expertise, no one knows what work you do and the skills people have better than you.

Please contact your state Organiser below ASAP if you want to provide your expertise in reviewing the proposed classifications. The next meeting of the Classification Working Group will be on Thursday 7 June 2018. For details download the full bulletin here icon Maurice Blackburn Bulletin - 18 May 2018

Contact Details
Name: Linda White
Telephone: 03 9342 1400