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Auscript - Commission pay dispute update

30 November 2020 By the ASU

After Fair Work Commission conferences held between Auscript and the ASU in the last few months the parties have reached an in principle agreement in relation to the award Level 2 minimum vs EA Bronze rate for Audio Transcribers.

The ASU recommends membership endorsement of the agreement to be issued as a Commission recommendation as follows:

1.  For new Audio Transcribers employed on or after 25 November 2020, there will be a 4-month training period (Training Period) and fast tracking available for those with prior relevant work experience with another employer as per clause 16.2 of the Clerks (Private Sector) Award 2020 (Clerks Award) who successfully meet the quality and productivity performance measurement criteria of the Bronze level under the Auscript Australasia Enterprise Agreement 2010 (EA). During the Training Period Audio Transcribers will be paid no less than the Level 2, Year 1 rate of pay in the Clerks Award.

2.  During the Training Period, new Audio Transcribers must:

a) successfully complete the initial 2-week induction program by passing the initial assessments required;
b) properly participate in all required training and development;
c) achieve at or above 1,550 words per hour, with quality at or above 98.25%;
d) be provided sufficient training and work for all jurisdictions and must become proficient in those jurisdictions; and
e) successfully complete the required assessments during, and at the end of the Training Period, and at that time must be assessed as competent to complete their duties at the Bronze level;

3. Upon successful completion of the Training Period and assessment as competent to complete their duties at the Bronze level, new Audio Transcribers will then progress to the Bronze level, which, for the purposes of section 206 of the FW Act, cannot at any time be aligned below Level 2, Year 2 of the Clerks Award;

4. New Audio Transcribers successfully achieving the Bronze level will still have the ability to be fast tracked and progress to the Silver level and above, based on the current 120 day review process, and achievement of the quality and productivity performance measures as set out in the EA;

5. The Performance Management Policy and 120-day review will be adjusted to reflect the above arrangements;

6. The Bronze level will be aligned to no less than Level 2, Year 2 of the Clerks Award from 1 July 2016 onwards for employees currently employed or employed during the internal audit process undertaken in April 2020. Any retrospective application that gives rise to an entitlement to be paid the difference between the Bronze level rate of pay and the Level 2, Year 2 rate of pay under the Clerks Award will be calculated and all reasonable steps taken for this to be paid within 3 months after 25 November 2020, i.e. by no later than 25 February 2021.

7. No reversion of existing employees to the Bronze level will occur once they have successfully achieved the Silver level, noting that the current practices regarding performance management will remain in place and unchanged;

8. Clause 4.4 of the EA with regards to the operation of the 6-month probationary period will remain in place and unchanged;

9. In acceptance of the items at paragraphs 1 – 8 the Applicant agrees that these items are resolved and the Applicant will withdraw the dispute as it relates to issues 2, 3 and 4, i.e. so as that only the 2020 CPI pay increase dispute remains to be determined by the Commission.

10. That upon such agreement between the parties a written recommendation will be issued by the Commission to reflect the above terms; and

11. The agreement and recommendation to include a no disadvantage requirement for any current or future Auscript employee paid on current EA classification rates of pay as may be varied over time.

2020 CPI Increase Dispute

As per the proposed agreement above resolution of the dispute in relation to the 2020 CPI Increase will be decided by the Commission based on further submissions by the parties in February 2021.


Management have agreed to work with the ASU in relation to the proper classification of Annotators. The ASU has consistently claimed Annotators should be classified no lower than Level 2 Year 1 of the Clerks PS Award.

If the issue cannot be agreed between the parties it will be referred back to the Commission in February.

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