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16 December 2022 By ASU

ASU Delegates are attending to ask questions

ASU members called on Apple to get back to the bargaining table, Apple agreed, and we met with Apple NEA Bargaining Reps and its new lawyers on 7 December.

ASU Bargaining Reps told Apple, following the resounding No Vote win, ASU members expect Apple to bargain differently from now on. We will see if this is the case during future bargaining meetings in 2023 or whether there is a more systemic issue within Apple toward a bad faith bargaining approach. Either way, ASU will be there to support ASU members in bargaining with Apple.

ASU Delegates are attending Apple’s so-called “Listening Sessions” to ask Apple questions and make themselves available to ASU members and potential members, so that a proper bargaining process can occur once Apple returns to the table with the ASU in 2023.

Apple’s compulsory meetings where Apple purports to listen, despite not always leaving sufficient time for questions, not really saying anything, and not telling employees where they stand and is not bargaining.

ASU members are clear about what Apple needs to do: listen to workers and have constructive discussion on items that ASU members care about including:

  • Wage rises guaranteed for every worker
  • Fair rostering for work life balance
  • Classifications that reflect workers’ skills and experience
  • Gender transition leave – reflecting the progressive workforce

Now is the time for Apple workers to join the ASU, and if you are already an ASU member ask other Apple workers to join the ASU here. To date, ASU has held all-Apple worker meetings, which was important as Apple unionised for the first time in Australia. Going forward, ASU will be holding regular zoom Member-Only Meetings bargaining update and only members will get a say in how the ASU escalates our campaign for a better deal.

ASU members will also get access to ASU member-only Discord chat

ASU Delegates have set up a completely private Discord server for ASU members at Apple. You can request to join to the ASU Discord here. ONLY verified ASU members will be granted access to the server for the protection of our members. The Discord group has several excellent threads for members to discuss the NEA, pay transparency, rostering and much more!

Remember, Union dues are 100% tax deductible.

ASU will be negotiating with Apple in 2023 to have genuine discussions about improving your pay and conditions. We will keep members up to date with any developments with member-only online meetings.

Together, a majority of ASU Apple members and workers voted-no to Apple management’s subpar NEA. Voting down the subpar agreement is a great first step but won’t guarantee a better deal. What Apple workers need to do now, is join the union and be part of the next phase of negotiating a better deal.

Again, thank you to every ASU member who had a conversation with a colleague, put up posters and engaged with the workplace issues that affected themselves and their colleagues to get the history-making ‘NO’ vote over the line.

ASU members - have a safe holiday season and keep building power in your workplace in solidarity!!

If you have any questions, please contact your local ASU Delegates or your State Organiser, details below:

Branch Contact Mobile
NSW Call Centres and Corporate Thomas Gao 0417 420 924
NSW/ACT IT and Genius Bar Connor Daly (02) 9310 4000
VIC Call Centres and Genius Bar Sarah Haar 0409 778 890
VIC IT & Engineering Matt Price 0407 362 764
QLD Jacqui Pedersen 0447 092 388
SA/NT Kierran Crump 0497 555 225
TAS Michael McLoughlin 0429 004 237
WA Paul Cecchini 0412 152 983
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