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ASU lodges submission in response to Fed Govt’s Draft Energy White Paper

14 May 2012 By ASU

In late 2011 the Federal Minister for Energy released the Government's "Draft Energy White Paper" after a two year industry dialogue. The dialogue included an industry round table discussion, submissions and consultations with stakeholders. The ASU National Office (on behalf of all Branches) was involved. We have now lodged our submission in response to the White Paper.

When the Federal Minister released the White Paper, the ASU expressed concern that it had called for privatisation of state electricity assets. For details, please see our earlier news item "ASU opposes Fed Govt's Draft Energy White Paper on sector reform - no further privatisation of electricity generation" (not currently available).

At the Energy White Paper round table discussions the ASU called for "less discussion around ownership models", and more discussion around market security that will be affected by future changes in electricity generation.

The ASU has raised these and other points in our submission to the Government as well as strong references to skills, training and more.

You can download the full submission here and find out more about the consultations here.

The ASU submission also provides comment on a range of issues including:

  • Current ownership models:
  • National competition and electricity industry reform
  • Regional employment - regional development
  • An insight into some of our submissions over the last 20 years
  • Links to various political party polices
  • Fly in fly out maintenance workers
  • Concerns for full deregulation of the electricity industry market
  • Climate change
  • Energy security

The ASU also responded to the key positions in the Government's White Paper including:

  • The importance of energy
  • The need for an Energy White Paper
  • Shaping the Energy White Paper
  • Defining Energy Policy Framework
  • Energy in Australia
  • Future energy trends, priorities and challenges
  • Australia's energy security
  • Developing Australia's energy resources
  • The clean energy transformation
  • Cross cutting policy issues


Contact Details
Name: Greg McLean, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 0419 796 801