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Essential Energy: WE WON!

13 May 2014 By ASU-NSW US Branch (USU)

The decision in the long running battle of scope was handed down last week by His Honour, Senior Deputy President Hamberger in a massive win for the Unions and its collective members.

>>> Read the news item on the NSW US Branch website here

His Honour has found that the scope of the 2011 Agreement (current Agreement) should be maintained.

We believe the scope as it currently stands must now be included within the new proposed Enterprise Agreement.

During the steering committee meetings of the negotiations, which included Vince Graham, commitments were given to let the matter rest once a decision was reached by the Commission and that neither party would seek to frustrate the outcome by further pursuing it once settled.

We believe the parties now need to move to finalise the Enterprise Agreement with the new scope and commence the preparation for the vote.

We thank you all for your patience through what has been a very difficult and emotive dispute to maintain the protection of the Enterprise Agreement for all the employees who currently enjoy its benefits.

This is a great show of solidarity and support which has paid off with an enormously successful win.

Further information from the decision will follow shortly.

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) decision can be found here.

>>> Read the news item on the NSW US Branch website here & download the bulletin

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