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NSW: Stop the power sell off - taking the fight to the Federal Senate

24 June 2014 By ASU-NSW US Branch (USU)

Watch Senator Sam Dastyari taking aim at the NSW Liberal/National Coalition on the sale of the poles and wires that belong to all of the people of NSW. We need more like people like Sam to call it as it is.

>>> Read this news item on the NSW US Branch website here

Proud USU member and supporter of the Stop The Sell Off campaign and Federal ALP Senator Sam Dastyari has spoken out in parliament against the proposed sale of the poles and wires that the NSW Government is currently pushing on the mums and dads of NSW.

In his speech he describes the willingness of politicians within the NSW Government to Sell Off the electricity industry to please their mates in big business.

Senator Dastyari outlines the efforts of the workers in the electricity industry and the years of hard work and effort they have provided on behalf of the people of NSW.

He also explains how, in other states, services have gone down and the reliability has dropped following power privatisation.

It's important that all levels of government are aware of the dangers of this proposal and we encourage you all to view this speech:


>>> Read this news item on the NSW US Branch website here


Comment from ASU National Office

ASU Assistant National Secretary Greg McLean applauded Senator Dastyari and his actions on behalf of the community and the electricity industry, "Politicans should see this leadership by the Senator and follow his lead, as this is an important step and one other politicans should follow."

"The Senator's speech raises important issues such as: asset sales like this will deprive the community of jobs, quality public services and, of course, the longer term returns of monies from state owned corporations for use in other public services, as these assets return to government over 1.5 billion dollars per year, which is a lot if money over the next 50 or more years," said Greg McLean.


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