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Australia at risk of being left behind on jobs of the future

13 November 2013 By ACTU

Tony Abbott's decision to repeal the price on carbon is putting at risk Australia's ability to capitalise on the clean tech, low carbon jobs of the future, ACTU president Ged Kearney said, "Failure to invest and support a local clean energy industry through comprehensive climate change policy will cost future jobs and deeply hurt the economy."

"We know that with strong government commitment to clean energy hundreds of thousands of local jobs can be created," Ms Kearney said.

"But jobs growth needs the Government to create confidence in the market not signal that Australia isn't interested. By repealing the carbon price and cap on Australia's emissions we are withdrawing incentives for innovation and expansion and forgoing significant opportunities."

"It's worrying that Australia is turning its back on such a lucrative opportunity, especially as it would support industry to improve competitiveness and create new opportunities for the future."

"Without Government commitment that encourages investment in this area, we will most certainly be left behind."

"Other nations such as the United States, China and Germany are already realising the potential of clean tech investments. Does Australia really want to be standing by as the rest of the world moves on?"

"Around the globe other nations are embracing the potential, identifying opportunities, responding to rising demand and creating a workforce of local experts in areas including manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of clean energy products and systems."

"Mr Abbott has the chance to create jobs for the future and a strong Australian economy but looks sets to pass this opportunity by."

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