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Update on UN Climate Summit in Paris COP21

09 December 2015 By ASU

Various organisations are reporting live from COP21 in Paris which comes to a conclusion this Friday. There are also a couple of live actions we are promoting: a social media storm tomorrow against fracking and an ongoing Twitter campaign using #JustTransition to show negotiators that we are watching and concerned about outcomes for people.

151204-human-rights-just-transition-cop21-800pxwJoin the social media storm against fracking on 10 December, by PSI

Public Services International (PSI) is supporting the Food & Water Watch initiative to Ban Fracking Now. Please join the social media storm on 10 December! With the goal of raising the profile of fracking in the COP21 global climate negotiations, the Food & Water Watch is planning a social media storm to take over the "#COP21" hashtag on Thursday, December 10. Public Services International is supporting this initiative, so please join us in sending Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram messages that include both the #COP21 hashtag and the #BanFrackingNow hashtag. More here: plus ASU position on Coal Seam Gas Mining here:

Cities, the key to climate justice - Cut emissions, not public services!

4 December 2015 – PSI event at COP21 in Paris: Local and regional government (LRG) workers are especially critical for both mitigation and adaptation to climate change, as more than half of humanity now lives in cities, and the rate of urbanization is accelerating. Changes are needed to make our cities equitable, safe and environmentally sustainable. More here:

ITF keeps you updated on COP21

Visit the ITF blog focussing on climate change issues as they affect the transport industry. plus more on their Facebook Page:

PSI keeps you updated on COP21

Visit the PSI Facebook Page for regular updates: including the following:

5 December - PSI's Genevieve Gencianos addresses a workshop on "Migrants, Refugees and Climate Change: the Trade Union Response" at the Climate Generation Areas of Paris COP 21. PSI highlights the role of quality public services in supporting rights-based mitigation and adaptation strategies in dealing with potentially massive displacement of people arising from changing climatic conditions and situations of conflict.

3 December - After yesterday's talks, PSI and other unions are uniting against attempts to water down the COP agreement's commitments to Human Rights and a Just Transition to a green economy for those who currently work in carbon-intensive industries.

3 December - "You are our leaders and represent millions of public service workers from all around the world, those who fight privatisation on a daily basis. If global is the attack on rights, then global should be the response." This is how Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary of PSI, addressed an audience of over 40 trade union leaders, attending the international meeting "Protecting the public interest from predatory privatisation", hosted by AFSCME, in Washington, 2-3 December.

Other info

PSI sectors critical to implementing climate change policies, 8 October 2015

Regardless of the outcomes of the United Nations Climate Change Conference negotiations in Paris, 30 November-10 December 2015, public sector workers need to be directly involved in finding and implementing the solutions to the climate crisis. More here:

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