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Time to Vote for Fuji Xerox EBA

13 December 2016 By ASU

Following extensive negotiations, conciliation in the Fair Work Commission and workplace action to reach a new Enterprise Agreement members finally have a document to vote on to protect your conditions at Fuji Xerox until 31 December 2019.

The ASU believes that the package that has been arrived at delivers secure pay increases for members. Importantly it delivers certainty until 31 December 2019. The Agreement preserves uniform entitlements for all employees in terms of job security by maintaining redundancy entitlements at the current levels, rejecting managements’ push for a two tier system with lesser entitlements for new employees.

The agreement maintains FXA’s position as the benchmark in the industry for terms and conditions. We believe it creates a framework where ASU members can continue to build on the improvements from previous agreements.

The key improvements are

  • An unconditional per annum base salary increases of: July 2016 $2,000: July 2017 $2,000: July 2018 $2,300: and July 2019 $2,300;
  • Paid travel time for employees scheduled their first job of the day outside of the employees’ district/boundary;
  • Guaranteed consultation for at least 20 days prior to any attempt to introduce major change;
  • Technical Specialist Allowance: July 2016 $5,000: July 2017 $5,000: July 2018 $6,000: and July 2019 $6,000;
  • Increase to other allowances; and
  • No “trade–off” of existing conditions

The agreement now goes for a formal secret ballot, which will either accept or reject the agreement.

Please note that the above is a summary of the benefits. It is important that you check any questions relating to the agreement with your local ASU delegate or organiser.

We urge all ASU members to support the agreement in the ballot that will be held on 15 December 2016.

If you want more information contact your local ASU delegate or organiser.(download the bulletin)icon Fuji Xerox Bulletin # 6 - 13 December 2016

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Name: Linda White
Telephone: 03 9342 1400