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Your agreement at REX - tell us what you think

16 August 2017 By ASU

Following the meeting on 10th August the Union presented some outstanding clauses and REX put forward a pay proposition and will meet again on 24th August to attempt to finalise the process. In the meantime we need to seek members’ advice on the REX pay proposal as outlined below.

 Annual Leave

  • Once staff have lodged their leave application, REX have indicated that all leave posted in March can be considered firm leave. REX will also respond to the Union’s request that any additional leave claims or variations be addressed within 2 weeks of the claim.

Sick leave

  • Three single uncertificated sick days remain, as per the current provision.

Meal breaks (shift workers)

  • REX to respond to Union’s position. It is agreed that the meal break must be completed before the fifth hour of work.

Rostering claim

  • Discussion was had on roster rotation and allocation, REX will respond at next meeting.

Redundancy claim

  • REX to consider recognition of long-term employees if made redundant.

Domestic Violence Leave

  • REX have stated that employees who have special requests can lodge them with management for consideration.

Service recognition

  • REX to respond to Union’s claim that skilled and experienced CSO & call centre staff should be considered for a higher grade to recognise this service.

Pay claim

  • REX have presented three pay increase proposals for consideration by the members. Members will be required to vote for one of the following proposals, prior to a final vote on accepting the EBA:
  • Pay increase each year in line with March CPI.
  • Pay increase each year of CPI with a minimum of 2% p.a. to a maximum of 3% p.a.
  • Pay increase each year of CPI with a minimum of 1.5% p.a. to a maximum of 4.5% p.a.
  • Union research on CPI statistics indicates that the current CPI is 1.9% and that the likely movement of CPI is down towards 1.5% rather than beyond 3%. This information should be considered when you select one of the proposals. The union will conduct a survey of members to ascertain which proposal will be accepted.

Josh Paterson has been appointed a permanent Airline Organiser replacing Nick Herbert, he can be reached on Nick’s previous number 0419 761 320 or by email at Chris Gill will be assisting Josh until the completion of the Enterprise Agreement.

Need more information?

If you have any questions contact your local ASU delegate or organiser. Download the full bulletin below for contact details:

icon REX Bulletin, 30 March 2017

Contact Details
Name: Robert Potter, Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 02 9283 9270