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Airline workers need predictable and stable rosters!

28 August 2023 By ASU

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You deserve the right to predictable and stable rosters.

Balancing work and home life is essential for everyone. We all want to work hard and feel rewarded in our jobs, but we also need to spend quality time with family and friends, care for our loved ones, enjoy hobbies, exercise, and rest.

But for too many workers, the work-life balance is off. Unpredictable rosters, sliding shifts, and perpetual roster checks means finding the work-life balance for many airlines employees is harder than ever.

Join the campaign for the right to clock off and switch off.

It is vital that workers can switch off from work and be properly paid for their hours worked – that includes being paid to be available to respond to work-related calls and emails.

We need the right to clock off and switch off.

  • The right to disconnect is becoming a reality across the world – in France, Spain, Canada, Argentina and Ireland.
  • 78% of workers support the Federal Government legislating for the right to disconnect.

We are calling on the Federal Government to legislate the Right to Disconnect to:

  1. Ensure limits around working times are fundamental for all workers;
  2. Require advanced notice of rosters and roster changes ;
  3. Protect workers from negative consequences for refusing contact outside of hours; and
  4. Ensure predictable and secure rostering rights for all shift workers

It’s time for Australia to act. Add your name to the petition.

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