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Sally McManus to address QANTAS workers saying NO to ‘bonus’ tied to signing off new agreements

16 September 2018 By ACTU

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus will address QANTAS workers who are calling on the QANTAS board to reverse a decision that links the payment of a $2000 ‘bonus’ to the signing of new enterprise agreements.

The conditions attached to the ‘bonus’ mean that for many workers, access to the payment, if it comes at all, could be up to three years away despite QANTAS Executives taking their bonuses immediately.

QANTAS made the terms of the ‘bonus’ known to staff when it recently announced its record-breaking $1.6b pre-tax profit. It follows on from QANTAS workers enduring years of wage freezes in successive agreements.

The ACTU stands with QANTAS workers in opposing this decision which devalues the contribution of the dedicated QANTAS workforce and is yet another unfair bargaining tactic from a major Australian employer.

WHO: ACTU Secretary Sally McManus
WHEN: 12.45pm Monday 17 September 2018
WHERE: QANTAS HQ 10 Bourke Road Mascot

Media contact: ACTU Media 03 9664 7315 or Peter Green 0400 764 200

Contact Details
Name: Linda White
Telephone: 03 9342 1400