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ASU support for the March 4 Justice

12 March 2021 By ASU

The Australian Services Union (ASU) would like to extend our formal support for March 4 Justice.

The ASU is one of Australia’s largest unions, representing approximately 135,000 members in every state and territory. The ASU has members in many industries and occupations in the public, community and service sectors. Relevantly, we represent workers in the social and community sector, including employees of employment service providers.

The ASU acknowledges March 4 Justice, which is a community action organisation focusing on achieving equality and justice in Australian society.

The ASU is supporting our members interested in the issues – particularly those that work in the violence prevention field and being part of the conversation that is currently happening around sexual assault, workplace harassment, consent and women’s contribution in all forums and from multiple Australian communities – by helping to endorse the March 4 Justice events happening on Monday, 15 March 2021. Download letter here.

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Name: National Office
Telephone: 03 9342 1400