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Australian Services Union Launch Our Union Story

19 March 2021 By ASU

Our members told us what they want from our union – we listened and we want to share this with you.

You’ll be seeing new things from us from now on.

YOU make our union what it is, and together we fight and deliver for all of our members.

Our support and services for members won’t be changing but you’ll be seeing more from us and the amazing work we do together.

So today we are launching our new union story: By Your Side.

Here’s how ASU members tell us we are By Your Side: ASU is by your side - Sam's Story

Through the Australian Services Union, working people can draw on your collective strength to deliver better pay, conditions and support that is tailored to your unique needs.

Everyone’s different but we’re here for all members, every step of the way.

Our members can trust & believe that we will use our collective strength to protect your interests.

That matters to us because community is everything and together, we are stronger.

We promise to be there to support you with your unique needs at every step of your working life and to use our collective strength as workers to protect members’ interests and deliver better outcomes.

The Australian Services Union - By your side - ASU is by your side - Teharne's story

Can you help share the message and ask a workmate to join the ASU?

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