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Library Lovers Day

14 February 2024 By ASU

14 February is Library Lovers Day – so today we’re celebrating all our amazing members in Libraries. 

Libraries are the heart of our communities, offering a treasure trove of knowledge, resources, and invaluable services. Yet, despite being on the frontlines and adapting to the evolving needs of our society, this work is often overlooked and undervalued.

The ASU is the union for library workers across Australia and on Library Lovers Day we're shining a spotlight on library staff, seeking to secure the recognition, rights, and fair conditions you deserve.

As your union, we’re campaigning for:

  • Better qualifications and classifications: It's time your expertise and qualifications are fully recognised, ensuring you’re properly classified and valued.
  • Recognition of your evolving role: From tech assistance to providing social services, librarians roles are diversifying. For all library workers, we’re advocating for the acknowledgment of these changes.
  • Safety and support: Ensuring your work environment is safe and that you’re supported in addressing complex community needs is vital. The ASU is by your side with expert OHS support and campaigning for fairer workplaces.
  • Fair compensation: We're championing fair pay for the vital contributions you make.

Show your solidarity with library workers by downloading this poster to display in your workplace: icon Library Lovers Day

This Library Lovers Day, we’re loud and proud to be union (and no, we won’t be shushed!)

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