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Dnata and its use of AHSA

12 May 2017 By ASU

Following today's decision by Dnata to withdraw the application for the dodgy AHSA EBA, the CEO has sent out a memo that has caused a lot of anger amongst Dnata staff. You can read the CEO's memo.

It appears that Dnata are still going to utilise the new entity AHSA to bid for work so the fight is not over yet.
AHSA has won a small contract at Adelaide airport and has confirmed that they will pay staff engaged under AHSA to perform this per the Modern Award. They do not rule out attempting to put another EBA up for approval in the near future.

What this means is that Dnata staff across the country have to remain united and strong and continue to resist the company’s attempts to undermine current EBA's. The union will continue to work hard to hold Dnata to account during the current bargaining but also through other means.

You will continue to have the support of ASU members across the airline industry, and the resources of the union dedicated to getting a just outcome.

But make no mistake - you have had a huge win today to successfully fight off the sub-standard AHSA EBA that if approved would have allowed;

  • Reduced shift lengths to 3 hours
  • Reduced penalty rates
  • Split shifts
  • Avoid paying allowances, as well as a multitude of other provisions that undercut the Award.

The ASU has always maintained that the dodgy AHSA EBA undercut the minimum Award standard across a range of conditions.

From here we will need to keep a close eye on where and how AHSA bids for work and ensure that we work with any employee that is engaged by AHSA and organise and unionise them.

We are proud of the unity displayed by ASU members at Dnata and we will keep fighting with you all the way.

Most importantly, JOIN YOUR UNION.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions about any of the above, contact your local organiser (download the full bulletin below for details)

icon Dnata Bulletin, 12 May 2017

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