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Unions meet with Dnata

17 March 2017 By ASU

On Wednesday 15 March 2017 ASU and TWU delegates from around the country held a meeting with dnata management about the new company they have set up and the underhanded way in which they tried to sneak the AHSA agreement and quite possibly the Aviation Ground Resources agreement through the Fair Work Commission.

You were well represented by ASU delegates from all major ports around the country as well as Union officials.

Dnata was represented by 4 Managers and their Consultant, but the CEO, Daniela Marsilli apparently had more important issues on the day than meeting with and explaining to your representatives why the company was taking this approach with its workforce.

The meeting started by management giving the ASU and TWU delegates the employee roadshow briefing that was delivered around the network the week prior.

Unions Question Dnata’s decision.

At the conclusion of the presentation the Unions put numerous questions to the company, including the question as to why they have treated their employees with so much disrespect. We told management that they should have had the decency to approach the unions and employees last year to talk about the company position and to see if there were other options available to address the issues, rather than going behind your backs by setting up new companies with a substandard EBA.

Dnata say’s you’re paid too much.

The company continued to claim that your terms and conditions are superior to your competitors, effectively blaming employee wages for the predicament that the company finds itself in.

We have demanded that dnata provide their data to us that shows the differentials that they claim exist between dnata and your competitors.

AHSA and how is it going to be used?

There is no doubt that AHSA will ultimately take away work that you currently do if it is allowed set up in the form that dnata want. This is why the Unions have told Dnata that we will vigorously oppose the certification of these agreements in the Fair Work Commission.

Next Steps

The unions have formally asked Dnata to withdraw their application(s) in the FWC. They responded that this was unlikely, but they have said that they will consider our position and formally respond at a further meeting that is scheduled for 23 March.

Dnata has also agreed to provide to the unions at the 23 March meeting:

  • documentation outlining the budget loss
  • an interim analysis of why Dnata has higher costs than its competitors
  • the number of labour hire employees nationally and why Dnata is using this more expensive option at the expense of its own employees.
  • a formal response on whether Dnata is prepared to withdraw its applications in the Commission to register alternative agreements.

We will report back to members following this meeting. Meanwhile, members need to remain active and united and ensure their workmates are also ASU members. This may be a long and complex dispute and we can win if we are strongly supported by our members.

If you’re not a member of the union there has never been a more important time to join. You can join online at

Got any questions?

You have any questions about any of the above, contact your local organiser (download the full bulletin below for details)

icon Dnata Bulletin, 17 March 2017

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