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Menzies Enterprise Agreement Update

13 March 2018 By ASU

Fair Work Commission raises questions about new EA; Menzies withdraws EA from approval process.

Menzies has decided to withdraw your enterprise agreement from the Fair Work Commission approval process. This means that the EA you voted on last year will not be ‘approved’ by the Fair Work Commission. We will need to bargain for a new EA.

What does this mean?

After the employees vote ‘Yes’ on a new EA, the Fair Work Commission must review the agreement before it comes into effect. This is to ensure that it meets the legal minimum standards and leaves employees better off overall than they would be on the modern award.

The Fair Work Commission has asked Menzies a number of questions to help it understand the agreement and flagged concerns with some terms of the agreement. The short story is that Menzies didn’t explain the new agreement to the Fair Work Commission when they asked it to approve the agreement, which caused confusion. If Menzies had made sure it ticked all the boxes, this would not have been a problem.

Menzies has told us that it will take too long to get the new agreement approved, so they are withdrawing the new agreement.

What about my bonus and pay increase?

Your union has secured a commitment from Menzies to pay your bonus by Friday, 16th March and to apply the 2% pay increase from 1st July 2018.

Until a new enterprise agreement is approved your current EA (Menzies Aviation (Sydney and Melbourne) Customer Service Agreement 2014). Menzies has agreed to also implement the 5 days paid family and domestic violence leave, the correction to the higher duties allowance and the statements regarding equal opportunity employment and flexible working arrangements.

What happens next?

Members need to get ready for bargaining for a new agreement. If you want to get more involved in the EA campaign. To make sure we get the best deal we need everyone to be a member of the union. If you know anyone who isn’t an ASU member, ask them to join today.

We will be speaking to all employees at mass meetings in the coming weeks. If you have any questions before then, speak to your organiser or delegate.

Need more information?

You have any questions about any of the above, contact your local organiser (download the full bulletin below for details)

icon Menzies Bulletin, 13 March 2018

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400