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Menzies Enterprise Bargaining Update

31 July 2018 By ASU, the airlines industry union

Menzies management has given us their log of claims – read below to find out what management want to change in your enterprise agreement.

ASU delegates met with management in Melbourne on Monday, 30 July. We came expecting to hear a presentation from Menzies management about the log of claims. We wanted more detail, so we can properly consult with the ASU members at Menzies.

Explainer: A log of claims is a list of changes to an enterprise agreement proposed by one group in enterprise bargaining. ASU members endorsed their log of claims in meetings earlier this year. Ask your delegate to see a copy.

We didn’t get many answers – Menzies couldn’t explain the detail or the reasoning for many of their claims. But this is what we know so far...

Menzies claims What we know What your union say?

1 – ‘Additional paid leave entitlement due to domestic violence issues (5 days)’

This isn’t good enough! We have asked for 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave. This allows people facing domestic violence the time to go to seek help and sort out their lives. 10 days of paid leave helps people stay in work and stay alive. It also costs the company very little.  Menzies needs to do the right thing and support its staff with 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave.

2 – ‘Car parking free to all employees with 5 years’ service’

If you have worked at Menzies for 5 years, they will pay for your car parking at the airport. What we don’t know is how the will measure 5 years of continuous service. This might mean women who’ve gone on mat leave might miss out on car parking. Menzies should pay for car parking for all employees. If this is a major cost to the business, they should give us the evidence that proves it.
3 – ‘Agreement to end 31 December 2021

Menzies proposes a 3 year EA

This is reasonable, but only if Menzies is willing to make a fair EA

4 - Wage Increases

Menzies says it is offering 3% pay increases in 2019, 2020 and 2021. But this is misleading – Menzies is only willing to offer 3% if we agree to cut the transport allowance, multi-shift allowance, and the social disability allowance.  3% each year could be a fair pay increase – but only if cuts to allowances are off the table.

5 – ‘Lower entry rates and a slower move to current rates’

This means that new starters will be paid less than long term employees. Menzies has not provided us with any information about the proposed rates of pay. 

In the last agreement, we agreed to something similar as a temporary measure during a period of crisis in the airlines industry. We don’t think this is necessary now.

6 – ‘Cash out of leave, once per annum, 4 weeks minimum to be taken in calendar year or retained’ We’ve asked for more detail about this proposal, because it is not clear how this would work.  Menzies needs to make sure that people are able to use their leave, before they start cashing asking employees to cash it out. 
7 – ‘Meal breaks only to apply after 5 hours work irrespective’ At the moment, if you work 4 hours of overtime, you are entitled to a paid meal break. Menzies wants to extend this period to 5 hours.  We are not sure why Menzies needs to make this change. We’ll be asking for a detailed explanation. 
8 – ‘Ability to change shifts within 12 hours of start time without overtime penalty’ Menzies wants to be able to change your shifts at 12 hours’ notice without pay you overtime.  This would be a disastrous change: your shifts could be changed every day! 
9 – Removal of Allowances Menzies wants to roll the Transport Allowance, Multi Shift Allowance and Social Disability Allowance into the base rates of pay (i.e. your hourly wage’). We’re not sure why these rates need to be ‘rolled up’ into the base rates of pay. In any case, we do not think the 3% pay offer is high enough to make up for the loss of these allowances. 
10 – ‘Personal leave to accrue as per NES on ordinary hours’ This would mean that you accrue annual leave progressively as you work ordinary hours. Menzies can’t explain why it needs to make this change.  The current personal leave system seems to be working – so why change it? 
11 – ‘Where shifts given away create less than the minimum hours agreed, overtime to only apply once minimum hours are met’ Menzies is complaining that some people in Sydney have given away shifts, but have then been called in to work those shifts as overtime. It wants to change the overtime system so that you are not paid OT until you have worked your contracted hours.  This isn’t fair. Giving away a shift means giving away pay, so nobody is giving away a shift without a reason. You might have an appointment or caring responsibilities. If you’ve given away a shift, then required to come in, it should be paid at overtime rates. 

Next steps

Our next meeting is at the ASU offices in Sydney on 16 August 2018. Between then and now, we’re going to write to Menzies asking them to explain their claims, provide supporting evidence and be ready to discuss them at the next meeting.

What can I do?

We need your feedback on negotiations! Let us know what you think about what management wants to do. Talk to your delegate or call your organiser. (Download the full bulletin here) icon Menzies Bulletin - 31 July 2018

Contact Details
Name: ASU National Office
Telephone: 03 9342 1400