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ASU at Menzies: JobKeeper Update

29 April 2020 By ASU, the airlines industry union

JobKeeper pays coming!

In good news for ASU members at Menzies Aviation, the company has told us they will process JobKeeper pays on Wednesday 29 April. This will include:

  • Back-pay for 30 March to 12 April. Leave taken during this period will not be recredited. If you earnt less than $1500 you will be topped up to $1500.
  • Pay for 13 April to 26 April. All leave will be cancelled and the JobKeeper will be paid. The company has contacted full-time employees to see if they want to use paid annual leave to top-up their income above $1500.

ASU members need to double-check their payslips. If you find something wrong, you need to send your complaint in writing to the pay-roll team. Send a copy of your email with any supporting evidence to your organiser.

The ASU will be keeping track of any issues, and we will raise them with management if they aren’t resolved quickly. But we can’t do anything if you haven’t put your issue to them in writing first.

Menzies gets it wrong on annual leave

Menzies has told us that from 27 April 2020 you won’t be allowed to take paid annual leave to top up your income above $1500. Except that you will not be allowed to cancel leave booked before the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means some workers won’t be able to top-up their income, but other workers may be forced to take leave they don’t want.

We’ve told the company this isn’t fair. We’ve asked them to reconsider their position, and let people take leave at times that best suit them. We’ll update you when they respond.

Is taking leave right for me?

If you are considering taking paid annual leave, you need to remember that JobKeeper covers your first $1500 in pay. If you want to increase your income above $1500 you need to take more than $1500 worth of leave in a fortnight. This means that for many people, there isn’t any point to taking paid annual leave when the JobKeeper subsidy is being paid.

We’ve asked Menzies to put out an FAQ explaining everything you need to know about JobKeeper.

Pass this bulletin to your friends and colleagues at Menzies. If you aren’t an ASU member, you can join at

Speak to your organiser for more information download the full bulletin here.

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