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dnata employees not eligible for the JobKeeper

04 May 2020 By ASU, the airlines industry union

The ASU has become aware that dnata catering are not eligible for the JobKeeper payment of $1500 per fortnight.

This appears to affect the entire dnata group, including customer service, cargo and ramp employees.

Why has this happened?

On Friday, Scott Morrison’s Federal Government altered the eligibility rules for JobKeeper, which subsequently excluded dnata from the scheme.

The Government changed the definition of ‘sovereign entity’ in the JobKeeper rules so that an employer is excluded from the JobKeeper scheme if they are 100% owned by a foreign government, even if they are an Australian resident. In this case, dnata are 100% owned by the government of Dubai.

Before the recent amendments dnata was eligible because it was an Australian resident for tax purposes.

Hang in there!

This announcement will come as a complete shock and no doubt will be extremely concerning and upsetting for you, but please rest assured that the ASU will do everything within its power to attempt to get this outrageous narrow minded decision changed so that you get the support that you deserve. Scott Morrison took JobKeeper away from you with the stroke of a pen and we will be demanding that he fix the problem that he has created.

The ASU:

  • Has demanded an urgent meeting with dnata to see what they intend to do;
  • Is writing to the Federal Government see letter here;
  • Has advised the ACTU so they can also lobby the Federal Government.

Please hang in there, as soon as we have any additional information we will let you know.

It’s time to stand together

It’s a tough time for aviation workers, but if we stick together we can protect jobs and pay. Please pass this bulletin to your friends and co-workers at dnata. If you are not an ASU member, you can join at

Speak to your organiser for more information (download the full bulletin here)

Contact Details
Name: National Office
Telephone: 03 9342 1400